From Yorkshire to Global Recognition: The Inspiring Origin Story of EXS Condoms

Welcome to EXS South Africa, where we shed light on the intriguing story of how a Yorkshire-based company ventured into creating their own line of condoms. The answer, though not overly complex, is bound to captivate your interest!

The expedition commenced back in 1993 when EXS entered the market by retailing Durex condoms through mail order advertisements in popular magazines of that era. While this endeavor enjoyed some success, an evident void in the market—a demand for a brand that offered premium-quality products at a more accessible price point—was identified.

It was at this juncture that the founders, Andy and Steve Taylor, took a courageous leap and decided to establish their very own line of condoms and lubricants. In 1997, the 'EXS' brand made its grand entrance, introducing their inaugural product that was on par with the current EXS Regular condom.

From that point forward, a relentless pursuit of innovation and ingenuity has been at the heart of their endeavors. They have continuously expanded their brand by introducing diverse condom types and new additions to their product range.

Fast forward nearly three decades, and they have flourished both as a business and as a tight-knit community. LTC Healthcare has been proudly supplying EXS condoms to the UK's NHS for almost two decades, and today they sell over 12 million condoms annually, reaching more than 32 countries across the globe.

Innovation remains as vital to them today as it was in 1997, as they strive to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. They now proudly offer vegan condoms, with the majority of their EXS brand approved by esteemed organizations such as the Vegan Society and PETA. Moreover, they have pushed the boundaries of thinness by not just introducing one, but two types of EXS thin condoms.

Over the past 30 years, the market landscape has undergone significant transformations. Competitor brands have fallen under the control of corporate behemoths, and the industry has regrettably faced negative publicity. Nevertheless, EXS stands firm as an independent, family-owned brand, committed to delivering ethical, top-notch, and affordable condoms to their cherished customers.

In 2021, their mission remains clear and resolute. They aspire to inspire, empower, and educate individuals about safe and consensual sexual practices that promote freedom, pleasure, and equality, all while upholding the highest quality standards. They will tirelessly work towards fulfilling this mission statement until they have made a lasting impact.