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EXS Condoms

EXS | Textured Condoms | Natural Latex & Silicone Lubricated | Ribbed & Dotted | Vegan | 48 Pack

EXS | Textured Condoms | Natural Latex & Silicone Lubricated | Ribbed & Dotted | Vegan | 48 Pack

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EXS Ribbed and Dotted Condoms are an excellent choice for lovers who want an intimate and sensual experience. Designed with your partner in mind, these condoms enhance internal stimulation for a quicker and more powerful vaginal climax.

The product has a unique texture consisting of raised ribs and dots and is lubricated with a silicone-based lube that promotes easy sliding. The pattern produces greater friction without irritating the skin, adding intense excitement for both partners. Additional lube can be applied if required.

EXS Ribbed and Dotted Condoms can also enhance pleasure during anal intercourse, for both men and women.

Perfectly sized to suit most men, EXS Ribbed and Dotted are 56mm wide and boast a comfy flared teat. They allow for a natural movement without constricting the penis. These condoms are made from natural latex and offer a smooth, silky feel on the interior. Suitable for people with sensitive skin.

All EXS Condoms are rigorously tested to European standards. Each individual condom is electronically tested for safety and marked with CE and BSI Kitemark on the packet. Since January 2021, all EXS Condoms are also vegan certified by the Vegan Society.

EXS Ribbed and Dotted Condoms Are:
- Ribbed and dotted, natural latex, flared, teat-ended, and silicone lubricated condoms.
- Kitemarked.
- CE Marked.
- Vegan and PETA approved.
- No latex smell.
- Silicone-based lubricated, non-spermicidal lubricant.
- Alcohol-free.
- Expiry dates at least 3 years from the date of purchase.

- Width: 56mm
- Thickness: 0.072mm
- Length: 193mm

What's in the box
48 x EXS Ribbed & Dotted Condoms

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