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EXS Condoms

EXS Variety Pack Condoms - 48 pack - 7 Condom Types

EXS Variety Pack Condoms - 48 pack - 7 Condom Types

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Plain, flavoured, smooth, textured, or ultra-thin? Choosing the best condom is far from easy, and that’s where the EXS Variety Pack of condoms comes in!

EXS is a British condom brand providing high quality, 100% electronically tested condoms. EXS condoms are also CE tested for your complete peace of mind. These clear condoms have no latex smell and offer a natural, safe feeling every time.

EXS Nano Thin Condoms Are:
Smooth, plain, natural latex, flared teat-ended, silicone lubricated condoms.
Vegan and PETA approved.
Use Silicone-based lubricated, non-spermicidal lubricant Alcohol-free.
Expiry dates at least 3 years from the date of purchase.

EXS Variety Packs contain a mix of condoms with a nominal width of 53mm, 54mm and 56mm.

Condom Width Thickness Length
Black Latex 54mm 0.069mm 190mm
Nano Thin 53mm 0.045 mm 191mm
Ribbed & Dotted 56mm 0.072mm 193mm
Regular 54mm 0.063mm 192mm
Glow in the Dark. 53mm 0.073mm 192mm
Warming 54mm 0.068mm 194mm
Cooling 54mm 0.068mm 194mm

What's in the box
6 x EXS Regular Condoms
12 x EXS Nano Thin Condoms
6 x EXS Ribbed, Dotted and Flared Condoms
6 x EXS Black Latex Condoms
6 x EXS Glow in the Dark Condoms
6 x EXS Warming Condoms
6 x EXS Cooling Condoms

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